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Issue#8 (world theater/April 2011)

C.O.B.A.C. International Art Magazine Issue#8 (world theater/April 2011)

Theater as a subject, in general, is too big to be covered in only one sitting and even if we decide to only talk about one of the leading countries in this matter it is out of doubt that it would take several issues just to cover that.

This issue is covering some general dimensions of theater, however it should be said that in future issues, it is planned to include discussions about series of subjects covering French theater and its path of evolution in three different time frames, which are intended to be continued in upcoming issues.
By the help of the contributions of great Masters of the Literature’s history and theater, C.O.B.A.C. would be able to present one of the greatest piles of information of French theater’s history, containing special analytical details accessible to the readers.
This issue is a beginning of a path of a study, which has always been a sensation to the fans of art.
Analyzing French theater’s past, today and future is the upcoming plan for C.O.B.A.C. In this publication properties of French theater, the impact it experienced by the French revolution and its shortcoming in the 20th century was tried to be covered.
We talked about jacques copeau and his work. French theater was influenced so deeply by copeau and his criticisms where albert camus calls him the turning-point of French theater’s history.
This opinion extends to a level that camus divides French theater into two time periods, before and after copeau. Needless to mention that the impact camus and sartre left of French theater is undeniable. We also liked to take the chance to talk about beckett just because we personally like him; then we speak about him separately in an special issue.

C.O.B.A.C. International Art Magazine Issue#8 world theater/April 2011

Issue#8 : world theater
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A message to C.O.B.A.C. Society II

Hello everybody,
We appreciate all the kindness all you guys have been given us and we effort is to better ourselves by using your inputs and ideas.

We have a plan to publish an edition in 7 months, where we are going to publish all the workshops we have received from you, a banner is to be made some time soon and you will be informed about the details on our blog and Facebook page.

Please feel free to link or share our blog, it’s free of charge, only request we have, is to inform us, by an email, of the address you are sharing our blog on.

Using the information on our blog is permitted if only you note the source.

Subject to be discussed about in future editions are to be:
C.O.B.A.C. International Art Magazine Issue 8: World Theatre Publish: 1-april-2011
C.O.B.A.C. International Art Magazine Issue 9: Avant-garde Publish: 1-may-2011
C.O.B.A.C. International Art Magazine Issue 10: Civilization, Dance and Africa Publish: 1-june-2011
C.O.B.A.C. International Art Magazine Issue 11: Latin Philosophy Publish: 1-July-2011
C.O.B.A.C. International Art Magazine Issue 12: Crisis of Art Publish: 1-August-2011
C.O.B.A.C. International Art Magazine Issue 13: Empire Solidity Publish: 1-September
C.O.B.A.C. International Art Magazine Issue 14: subjectivism in art Publish: 1-October-2011

The magazine is a shareware material only by the name of C.O.B.A.C. International Art Magazine.

We would like to offer our service to advertise and promote your business and products, please contact us for details at:  cobac.a.c[at]gmail[dot]com.

For more information about the sources or relative information that we may have in regard to subjects included in our magazine please contact us at: cobac.a.c[at]gmail[dot]com.

Please read “a message to all of C.O.B.A.C. society” if you may have any questions, we have discussed a lot of the questions and comments we have received in that section. Hope that we have evolved in a satisfactory level.

At the end we would like to thank all the people who read, share and promote are magazine

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nowruz 1390

Lets welcome the year which is fresh and new, Lets cherish each moment it beholds, let’s celebrate this blissful New year.

Wishing you all the peace, joy, and love of the season! Season’s Greetings!

There is no ideal new year; only the one Christmas you decide to make as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, traditions

Happy New Persian year, happy Nowruz

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Issue#7 – Jesus edition

C.O.B.A.C. International Art Magazine Issue#7 (Jesus edition) published.

We talked about publishing an edition as “Jesus” edition. Well, it was a difficult and definitely very time consuming. We were unfortunately unable to finish it in the intended timeframe however, I am sure that we were able to produce an outcome to keep Cobac’s name shinning.

By talking of Jesus or “Jesus” edition, a lot of debates and arguments and many prejudices and disagreements are naturally raised. In the course of the years we all learned to respect each others opinions and I am not an exception to this tradition. This issue was called “Jesus” just because it was the first one in 2011 and after Christ’s birthday, it was also an excuse to get to talk about events related to Christianity and art.

We tried to cover subjects like the collision of faith and reason, the perpetual conflict of religion and art and the events that occurred before and after the Renaissance and even more.

It was tried to avoid subjects that could be found offensive and insulting to some or a certain group in our discussions. If such thing has occurred it was only because it was the narrator’s opinion and is not necessarily supported by the magazine.

jesus edition

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a message to all of C.O.B.A.C. society

Hello everyone

C.O.B.A.C. Logo

The post is about all weblog comments in different sections such as blog posts, contact part, about and etc.

In this post we answer to comments questions and any problems you mentioned about weblog or magazine.

Thanks to everyone read our blog and downloaded magazine especially who sent their workshops, ideas and opinions for us and we will hope publish better issues.

If there is someone like to support us for financial problems and sponsoring, contact us at cobac.a.c[at]Gmail[dot]com. also you can send your ideas, articles, workshops to this email address for participate in future issues.

Notes for magazine:

The format of this electronic magazine is PDF based on printing later and we will publish without any changes such as adding video file or sound tracks.

We are trying to publish magazine in 1′st every months but sometimes for a few problems maybe we have many days delay.

Publishing content of this weblog and magazine under copyright laws don’t need to our permission. For protect copyright laws you can use our logo or “C.O.B.A.C. International Art Magazine” text.

For insert your advertising in magazine you can send your caption and poster(s)/image(s) for us. Also for inform of our advertising cost please contact us.

Note for blog:

In a session by C.O.B.A.C. members we decide to publish our programs and decisions and any things about magazine that we discuss about it in our sessions and as before when a new issue or magazine published, we write a post in blog and we answer to comments by a generally post about everything commented. So we publish 3 posts in a month.

We review our blogs in 4 explorers. IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. Every these explorers load weblog page correctly. If you have a problem in loading blog page please contact us.

Our readers please add their email address in our Google group mailing list. You can find it right side or blog. When we publish a new issue, we will send email about it in our Google group and you can receive our magazine updates in your email inbox.

Someone of our friends read blog by Google reader. By Google reader you can follow blog RSS and read posts, if you are using Google group you should add blog address in subscription filed in Google reader.

Best regards.

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exhibition with the arrival of the installation of Dago, Entelequia, Thursday, February 10 at 19:00

hello every one

from one of our readers we receive an email about an exhibition in February 10,here you can read more about this.

italian text :

Bipersonale di Duvier Del Dago – “Entelequia” e Mirko Nikolić – “23 Life Exercises”
“…verso un’economia-ecologia della mente”
Con il Patrocinio del Consolato Generale di Cuba a Milano
Con la partecipazione di: CUBEART – Cuba in Europe Art Association e Gruppo ContemporaneaCuba
Press Vittorio Schieroni
KUBO Effetti Speciali di Daniele Franzi
SENZATEMPO Milano Miami Beach
Tecnico video Giovanni Freri
Nuova inaugurazione giovedì 10 febbraio 2011 | dalle ore 19:00
25 novembre 2010 | 28 febbraio 2011
Lunedì-venerdì 09:00-12:00 e 14:30-19:00 | sabato e festivi su appuntamento
Per informazioni:
Amy-d Arte Spazio di Anna d’Ambrosio | Via Lovanio 6 | 20121 Milano <> | | 02.654872

Comunicato stampa
Amy-d Arte Spazio ha il piacere di presentare per la prima volta in Italia “Entelequia” di Duvier Del Dago. L’installazione è parte della bipersonale “…verso un’economia-ecologia della mente” inaugurata il 25 novembre scorso e prorogata fino al 28 febbraio 2011. Protagonisti Mirko Nikolić con “23 Life Exercises” e Duvier Del Dago con “Entelequia”.
“L’idea che genera”: è questo il tema del progetto-mostra di Amy-d Arte Spazio. Partendo proprio dal concetto di idea originaria, diventa essenziale chiedersi se e quale liaison intercorre tra i due artisti interpretanti. Dalle opere compiute percorriamo a ritroso il cammino della realizzazione artistica per rintracciarvi la matrice comune: la scoperta del gioco ed il piacere di esperirlo.
Se per Nikolić si parte dallo “scarabocchio e non solo”, l’artista cubano Del Dago prende le mosse dal “gioco dei puntini”. Nello “scarabocchio e non solo” la cellula_bambino inizia a differenziarsi con il Piacere cinetico e motorio, a differenza di quanto avviene con il “gioco dei puntini” di Del Dago, dove il Piacere si concentra nella scoperta della figura risultante. Per entrambi gli artisti il codice grafico-pittorico è un primitivo oggetto culturale legato al Dono.
Nell’apprendimento strategico del codice, ciò che emerge, al di là dei tracciati grafici, sono le strategie esplorative e/o operative. In questo senso si giustifica l’elaborazione dei “tracciati” liberamente ripetuti, che permettono di usare uno schema grafico automatico per una pluralità di rappresentazioni. La natura cibernetica dei codici usati permette a Mirko Nikolić realizzazioni cromo-topografiche d’incontro e a Duvier Del Dago realizzazioni multidimensionali. Le loro opere vanno lette come ricordo ed elaborazione del primo atto sessuale, cui seguono realizzazioni interattive di straordinaria potenza visiva.
«Desidero esprimere la mia convinzione che certi fatti come [...] la natura del gioco [...] possano essere compresi solo in termini di un’ecologia delle idee così come io la propongo».
Gregory Bateson
“Verso un’ecologia della mente”
Questo nuovo richiamo della mostra “…verso un’economia-ecologia della mente” inaugura la nuova stagione di Amy-d, che – seguendo il progetto econom_Art – proporrà nel corso del 2011 temi quali arte puttana e committenza, cifra artistica, entropia e punto di non ritorno, Arte_Territorio incontro_scontro. L’arte, vera artefice di una deontologia economica a venire, è secondo Amy-d un ottimo decodificatore della qualità della nostra esistenza.

machine translation using G translator for every one reading in English :

Bipersonal of Duvier Del Dago – “Entelequia and Mirko Nikolic -” 23 Life Exercises ”
“… To an economy-ecology of mind”
Under the Patronage of the Consulate General of Cuba in Milan
Starring: CUBEART – Cuba Art Association and in Europe Group ContemporaneaCuba
Press Vittorio Schieroni
KUBO Special Effects Daniel Franzi
SENZATEMPO Milano Miami Beach
Video technician John Frere
New opening Thursday, February 10, 2011 | 19:00 pm
November 25, 2010 | February 28, 2011
Monday-Friday 09:00-12:00 and 14:30 to 19:00 | Saturday and Sunday by appointment
For information:
Amy-d d’Ambrosio Anna Art Space | Route Leuven 6 | 20121 Milan <> | | 02.654872

Amy-d Art Space is pleased to present for the first time in Italy “Entelequia” of Duvier Del Dago. The installation is part of the two-person “… to an economy-ecology of mind” was inaugurated last November 25 and extended until February 28, 2011. Starring Mirko Nikolic with “23 Life Exercises” and Duvier Del Dago with “Entelequia.
“The idea that generates” This is the theme of the project show-Amy-d Art Space. Starting from the very concept of original idea, it becomes essential to ask what, if any liaison between the two artists interpretants. From the works carried retrace the path of artistic achievement to trace the common matrix: the discovery of the game and the pleasure of experiencing.
If we start by Nikolic “doodle and not just” the Cuban artist Del Dago builds on the “game of the dots.” In the “doodle and not just” the cellula_bambino begins to differentiate the kinetic pleasure, and motor, unlike what happens with the “game of the dots” by Del Dago, where the pleasure is concentrated in the discovery of the resulting figure. For both artists, graphic and pictorial code is a primitive cultural object tied to the gift.
Strategic learning the code, but what emerges beyond the plotted graphs, strategies are exploratory and / or operational. In this sense, it justifies the development of “tracks” freely repeated, which allow you to use a sketch automatic for a number of representations. The cybernetic nature of the codes used allows Mirko Nikolic achievements chromium-topographic meeting and Duvier Del Dago multidimensional achievements. Their works should be read as a memory and processing of first sexual intercourse, followed by interactive achievements of extraordinary visual power.
“I want to express my belief that certain facts as the nature of the game [...] [...] can be understood only in terms of an ecology of ideas such as I propose.”
Gregory Bateson
“Towards an Ecology of Mind”
This new attraction of the exhibition “… to an economy-ecology of mind” opens the new season of Amy-d, which – following the project econom_Art – propose in 2011 topics such as art bitch and customers, figure art, entropy and the point of no return, Arte_Territorio incontro_scontro. The art, the true author of a coming economic ethics, is the second decoder Amy-d better the quality of our existence.

best regards.

C.O.B.A.C. Issue#6(no color world) PUBLISHED

C.O.B.A.C. International Art Magazine Issue#6 ( No Color World)
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